The bat85 Shottky diode is usuable up to 1.6 GHz. It comes in a classic 2.2 mm long 1 mm diameter glass case. The rf model is valid up to 5 GHz and usuable up to 8 GHz.
Lp 2.0 nH total packaging series inductance
Cp 0.22 pF total packaging ground capacitance
Cpak 1.63 pF anode kathode packaging capacitance
Rp 1.32 Ohm total packaging series resistance
Vbi 0.319 V built in voltage of junction capacitance
Cj0 11.0 pF junction capacitance at zero volt
RsDC 2.2665 Ohm total DC series resistance, RsDC=Rp+Rs
Rs 0.9465 Ohm series resistance of the junction current source
VbiDC0.22383 V junction voltage for 1 mA current
nVt 26.647 mV diffusion factor current equation
tau 42.9 ps diffusion capacitance Qd=tau*If
Is 0.22496 uA from VbiDC and nVt: Is=(1 mA)/(exp(VbiDC/nVt)-1)
From datasheet:
VR 30 V continuous reverse voltage
IF200 mA continuous max. forward current, leads at 25 C at 4 mm from case
Ptot200 mW Power dissipation, leads at 65 C at 4 mm from case
Tj125 C junction temperature
Tamb-65 to +125 C Ambient Operating Temperature Range
lcase 3.8 mm max case length
dcase 2.0 mm max case diameter
llead 27.5 mm min lead length

The diode is protected by a junction guard ring against excessive voltage, e.g. electrostatic discharge. It comes in a 0.13 g glass DO-35 case. bat85cir.png bat85cir.pcx bat85meas.png bat85meas.pcx